Equipment for drilling mud treatment

For drilling mud we have several options:

A) Standard decanter with fixed differential speed:

шкаф управления центрифугой (самара)

It means that the differential speed is set on a fixed number and cannot be changed during operation. Fixed speed is high: appr. 45 Simple control panel which can be executed in ATEX version. We do not really need a VFD (variable frequency drive) to start up and change speeds here.

B) Decanter with differential speed control:

1) Differential speed control with electric motors: one for main motor bowl and one for scroll motor: Motors can be executed in Atex version Control is arranged by PLC panel which is standard not in Atex execution. In this panel there are two VFD’s necessary for main motor and scroll motor.

2) Differential speed control with hydraulic drive: In this case we take of the electric motors + gearbox and we mount a direct hydraulic drive with hydraulic power pack. Main speed and bowl speed are controlled by the hydraulic arrangements and can be changed manually with two valves Advantage here is that the hydraulics are very strong and we do not need VFD’s anymore. The electric control panel is very simple and is executed in ATEX version.

Further information for drilling mud decanters:

•If we have differential speed control, you do not need to stop the decanter. It is arranged automatically and parameters can be set manually;

•For protection of the machine against abrasion we use completely tiled scrolls with sintered tungsten carbide protection on flights and feed zone;

•Bowl is executed with liners and ceramic protection of liners;

•Sediment bushings are executed also in sintered tungsten carbide execution;

•Gearboxes are different type for drilling mud and extra strong for drilling mud.

Advantages for drilling mud:

  • Bowl is in Duplex
  • Scroll and flights are in 316
  • Cover is in AISI 304 double wall with insulation
  • Bearings are SKF and FAG
  • Motors are Siemens, ABB or similar
  • PLC Siemens

For drilling mud we can make containerised systems or skid mounted units according to customer specifications!

We also offer 3-phase decanters for separation of 3-phase liquid: oil, water and sludge.

More detailed info is according to your request! 



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