Storm water treatment plants

At the present moment Storm water coming from territories of administrative settlings and commercial facilities, industrial zones, camps, construction sites is needed in treatment from oil products, grease and oil, and other organixc contaminations.

LLC Samenviro offers proper decision of rainy and snow slush waste water treatment with modular units of sand cather and oil remover.

Frame of sand catcher and oil remover is made of spiral low density polyethelene heavy-wall pipes, side walls are from sheet low-density polyethelene, collectors are from pressure low-density polyethelene pipes. Access to the reservoirs for maintenance is done through the manholes which are on the surface.

Flow goes through the sections of the sand catcher and oil remover and surface waste water is treated by removal of mechanical admixtures and oil products.

Mechanical admixtures: litter floated on the surface, sand and sludge with density more than 1500 kg/m3;hard precipitable particles with density less than 1500 kg/m3; hard conglomerates with oil products.

Oil products: foil, conglomerates` sediment separated with volume incl.primary emulsion (from 10 microns) and secondary emulsion (no more than 10 microns).

Treatment system:

  1. Settling tank (sand catcher) separates floating contaminants, sand and sludge.
  2. Separator separates suspended particles with density less 1500 kg/m3 and their conglomerates with oil into sediment and on the surface-primary emulsion with drops ` confluence (coalescence) on the hydrophobic material.
  3. Sorption filter catches secondary oil emulsion.
  4. Oil filtration with sorb fibers (post-treatment) is necessary for waste water which is discharged to the rivers and lakes.



Integrated waste water treatment allowes to arrange necessary quality of effuent to the standards to discharge into the city sewage system or river.

Sand catcher and oil remover have sanitary and hygenic conclusion and certificates of conformity. Leakproofness guarantee for the frame is 10 years.




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