MAGNUM® Diffuser Grid Modules

MAGNUM® diffuser grid modules are prefabricated elements for fixed-grid modular aeration systems. MAGNUM® modules consist of stainless-steel square headers with standardized dimensions which are fitted with MAGNUM® fine bubble tube diffusers. Air is supplied to the modules through cost-efficient PE piping permitting individual configuration of the elements.

Features of MAGNUM® diffuser grid modules:

  • Largely prefabricated, highly cost-efficient system
  • Can be used for municipal and/or industrial wastewater treatment
  • Suitable for aeration of aquafarming tanks, ponds and similar facilities
  • Various parameters, e.g. diffuser length, number of diffusers and perforation, can be selected as desired to suit your specific requirements.

The air supply connections of MAGNUM® diffuser grid modules are also compatible with large-area disc, panel or strip diffusers. Their compact design and highly efficient operation make them ideal as replacement solutions for such systems. When fully equipped with diffusers, a MAGNUM® diffuser grid header supports an active membrane surface of 2.24 m².

Layout configuration proposals and performance data of modules for your specific application can be provided on request.

Additional technical data is provided in the MAGNUM® diffuser grid module product catalogue, which can be downloaded as a PDF file. Further information on the MAGNUM® fine bubble tube diffusers installed on the modules are provided here.


We will be happy to provide a quotation for the MAGNUM® diffuser grid module best suited for your project as well as information on reference facilities located near you.



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