Sewage pumping stations

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Modifications and technical specifications of pumping stations can be different and depend on Customer`s requests.

the 1st  category pumping station the 2nd  category pumping station the 3rd category pumping station

Our company has standard projects of sewage pumping stations which we can modify according to the Customer`s request.

Any pumping station can be equipped with ventilation.


We offer pumping stations made of thick-walled spiral low-density polyethylene pipe with internal diameter from 1000 till 2000 mm with wall thickness from 50 till 120 mm and the length till 12 m. Bottom and removal cover is made of sheet low-density polyethylene, internal pressure piping is made of low-density polyethylene pipes, brackets and embedded parts are from stainless steel.

Low-density polyethelene has a high strength, flexibility and capability to work in a wide range of temperatures. The main advantages are low adhesion, resistance to the abrasive wear, high repairability.

Industrial sewage pumping stations are equipped with one, two or more submersible foreign pumps (KSB, WILO, GRUNDFOS). Internal pressure pipelines are made of low-density polyethelene pipes, brackets and embedded parts are made of stainless steel, bottom and removable cover are made of sheet low-density polyethelene.

Pumping stations with small capacity is equipped with containers for collection solid wastes which are discharged manually. Pumping stations with big capacity are equipped with english, italian or dutch mechanical crushers.







Automation of sewage pumping stations

All pumping stations work automatically without any operators. Operational processes are automatised with waste water levels in the pump reservoirs. Signals from level sensors are sent to the control panel. Control systems for sewage pumping stations are produced on the base of PLC Siemens /Moeller which run, control and protect pumping units with power from 3 0, 75 kWt till 3 x 200 kWt and can be equipped with the following options:

  • automatic reserve input
  • control system for stop valves
  • smooth start
  • pumps` control
  • alarm system
  • pumps` operating time counters
  • vizualization of technological equipment condition
  • control system for concentration of toxic and explosive gases
  • warning system via GSM
  • different versions of climatic execution and category according to GOST standard 15150-69




To produce pumping stations we use materials and equipment of modern producers.That`s why we can guarantee 10 years for pumping station frame leakproofness. Durability of sewage pumping stations are at least 50 years.




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