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Polymer Filter

Polymer Filter is a new generation filter with unique filtration media made of synthetic easy compressible balls with diameter of 50 mm.

Polymer Filter application

Removable substances/Indicators

Effectiveness, %

Water treatment


till 90


till 50

Permanganate oxidability

till 30

Process waste water treatment


Suspended particles

till 99

BOD total

till 70

COD/Permanganate oxidability

till 50


till 40

Domestic waste water posttreatment after secondary clarifiers

Ammonia nitrogen

till 45

Total microbial number

till 30

Technological water treatment

Suspended particles

till 95

Polymer Filter operation

Polymer Filter operation is based on the principle of upflow. Influent water comes via inlet pipe located in the low part of the unit and it is treated coming up through the layer of compact  filtration media.  Then treated water comes to the drainage through the upper outlet pipe. Filtration media  is kept by of lower and upper perforated plates. Upper plate is movable and it can compress the layer of filter media and change pore size in the balls.  It lets us set necessary treatment conditions and adapt filter to the changeable parameters of technological process.

When pressure drop is critical it is necessary to wash the filter. Regeneration process is automatic with intensive aeration of washing water. During regeneration the upper perforated plate is on the top and makes balls to move free in the whole filter body. Water flow and air flow mix filter media and clean balls` pores from caught contaminants. After finishing washing cycle washing water is discharged through a special pipe to the head of waste water treatment plant and perforated plate is come to the initial working position.

Advantages of Polymer Filter

  • to keep particles with size of 0, 005 mm and more
  • high adaptability of the filter to changes of treatment parameters to work in a wide range  of concentration and sizes of removal particles
  • high porosity of filtration media which allow to provide high contaminant capacity in comparison with sand filters
  • filtration media resistance to wear and tear after multiply reactivation which gives possibility  of usage without replacement during 10-15 years
  • equal distribution of kept sediment according to filtration media thickness which gives low pressure loss and longer working phase.
  • universal modular construction which gives possibility to join several modules into one system to provide necessary capacity and filter configuration.
  • fast self-repayment and further economical operation because of long-term filter media usage, reagents absence and low energy consumption.
  • Pretreatment before membrane units
  • pretreatment before UV unit
  • waste water posttreatment
  • filter for color and admixtures removal
  • drinking, process, technological water filtration
  • recycling water filtration
  • sand filter and gravity filter alternative


To install this equipment you can optimized costs for water treatment and enlarge consumer characteristics because of high treatment efficiency.


Polymer filter has a golden award “ All-Russian brand” (III millennium) (Resolution № 41 of 09.12.2011)



Polymer Filter models:




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