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Reliable equipment and comprehensive support for our clients in drinking water and waste water treatment sector is the aim of successful work of our company. At the present moment the problem of reconstruction of water treatment plants as in communal sector and for industrial companies. AquaControl Samara offers a comprehensive approach for solving your problems with water and waste water treatment:

  • Inspection of existing plant of drinking/process and waste water treatment.
  • Report with recommendations to improve existing systems of water supplying and waste water treatment plants/reconstruction of separated steps of treatment/replacement of old equipment/construction of modern water treatment systems.
  • Selection water treatment systems according to your specific requirements.
  • Detailed technical and commercial proposal (on the base of modern requirements to energy efficiency, energy saving and operational costs).
  • Delivery equipment for water/waste water treatment (foreign and own production).
  • Starting-up and adjustment, service of delivered equipment.

Innovative technologies of membrane hollow fiber ultrafiltration Liqui-Flux and EDI are applied in specific industrial processes of different industrial companies.

In cooperation with design institutes and bureaus we achieve well-organized work of technologists and designers who can protect their technological decisions with application of our equipment to get pure and ultrapure water.


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