AirRex piping system 

AirRex® is the first plastic piping assembly designed expressly for aeration service. It is available as a kit. The modular concept in combination with the revolutionary, patent pending, connection and the specially designed supports allow fast installations at low costs.

AirRex® can be retrofitted into basins equipped with fine bubble aeration to increase efficiency and yield a reasonable payback as well as older, coarse bubble installations. New installations will be the lowest cost high efficiency diffuser system available.


The combination of low cost injection molded reinforced polypropylene piping, fast installation and our high efficiency MAGNUM® diffusers make the AirRex® system superior to any other plastic or PVC piping systems. Operators, engineers and the public authorities do benefit from this system through:

  • reduced design costs through standardized modules with standardized efficiencies
  • fastest installation times due to the revolutionary connection concept and MAGNUM® mount
  • guaranteed operational safety as a result of experience and engineering
  • highest efficiency per installed unit area of diffuser because of the use of the MAGNUM® diffuser



 AirRex®– easiest to design and to install aeration systems. 

aerator With only 3 different elements, AirRex® can be combined in lengths of about 1.8 meters (6 ft) for any basin configuration

The AirRex® piping systemis the first choice for operators, OEMs and engineers that demand high efficiency and quality at a lower cost than stainless steel piping.

AirRex® has amaximumworking temperature of 110 C, far exceeding that of other plastics. The design of the supports with the integrated slide rails allow for expansion and contraction while maintaining structural integrity.


  • no pipewelding, coupling or adhesives
  • required during installation
  • designed to withstand thermal expansion
  • canbe connectedto any existingpipingsystem
  • all components are recyclable and free of PVC


OTT’s AirRex® piping systemandMAGNUM® tube diffusers – The next level aeration technology.



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