Equipment for ultrapure water 


Ultrapure water is used in microelectronics and pharmaceutical industry.

These kinds of industry apply speicallly prepared water for their technologies without any extra admixtures.

Water treatment methods

Ultrapure water treatment is a very difficult technological process. At the present moment there are some methods which let us reach necessary results with combining of several technologies or multiply usage of the same methods.

Ultrapure water technologies

1. Membrane technology

Membrane systems are necessary for drinking water treatment, distilled water treatment, sea water treatment, salty water treatment.


1. Oil and chemistrty industry:

  • waste water treatment,
  • recycling technological water treatment

2. Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Medicine and solution production.

3. Food industry:

  • Beverages
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Milk

4. Water treatment for hydraulic structures and electripower stations:

  • Cooling water
  • Feed water for boilers

All membrane systems have high-pressure membranes, high-pressure pumps, integral regulator and pre-treatment unit.

2. EDI systems

At the present moment EDI is the only technology for water treatment with which we can get water quality till 18 МΩ* without any chemical agents.


1. Power systems:

  • feed water for boilers with high pressure;
  • steam generators;
  • boilers.

2. Pharmaceutical industry:

  • ultrapure water.

3. Electronics:

  • ultrapure water for printed circuit cards,chips and semiconductors production.

4. Laboratories and biotechnological companies:

  • ultrapure water.

5. Chemical industry:

  • Laboratories.




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