Automatic Electric Filter


Фильтры VAF Е-серии



  1. Motor
  2. Spiral guide
  3. Flushing valve
  4. Flushing chamber
  5. Fine screen
  6. Collector I
  7. Suction nozzle
  8. Coarse screen
  9. Cover
  10. Pressure gauge
  11. Junction Box
  12. Control cabinet


Electric Filter Specifications

Materials: Filter body • Carbon steel with polyester or epoxy powder coating

Screen • Stainless Steel

Filtration Range • 10 to 800 micron

Max working pressure• up to10 bar (145 psi)

Min pressure during flushing• 1 bar (14.5 psi)

Max Temp • 65° C (149° F)

Clean screen pressure loss • up to 0.1 bar (1.45 psi)

Inlet/outlet • Flanged

Inlet/outlet parallel (horizontal layout).

Standard controller • Electric 110 VAC

Control Voltage • 220 V, 3 phase, 0.5 HP


A time basis backup (preset by the customer), guarantees that flushing cycle will occur even if the head loss has not reached the preset value.

General Information

These automatic electric filters combine the advantages of high quality filtration from different water sources (sewage, reservoirs, rivers, lakes, etc.) with self-cleaning features, offering the customer a continuous water supply.

The filters are designed for use in a wide range of industrial, municipal and irrigation applications.

The inner element is made of stainless steel to withstand high dirt load and pressure. Cleaning of the screen is performed once the pressure loss across the filter has reached the preset value (up to 0.5 bar or 7 psi).

The filter is equipped with a coarse screen that protects the finer screen from stones and larger particles. The flushing valve opens and pressure in the flushing chamber and the dirt collector is significantly lowered resulting in a suction process via the suction nozzles to the dirt collector and from there through the flushing valve outside. The electric motor simultanenously rotates the dirt collector and moves it along its axis. The combination of the vertical movement and rotation guarantees that the suction nozzles will cover the entire internal screen surface, efficiently cleaning the screen.

The whole process takes 15-20 seconds, and the water supply is uninterrupted.





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